Pregnant and Parenting Support

UNM strives to provide reasonable adjustments for students and employees for pregnancy and related conditions.  

* Please note an accommodation request related to pregnancy or lactation, and related conditions, shall not be denied without first consulting with the Office of Compliance, Ethics and Equal Opportunity.  

Helpful Information: 
Pregnancy Manual 
Pregnancy at UNM 
General Pregnancy Information 
Student Pregnancy Pamphlet  

Request an Adjustment  

The person seeking the adjustment is encouraged to begin the conversation with their faculty or supervisor to engage in the interactive process. If you are unable to come to an agreement, contact the Office of Compliance, Ethics, and Equal Opportunity for assistance.  

Use the Pregnancy/Lactation Adjustment Agreement (link only accessible to registered CSAs) as a guide in coming up with a reasonable adjustment. 


Nursing individuals should be provided with reasonable break time to express breast/chest milk or nurse as needed. UNM has designated lactation stations on Main and North Campus, including the UNM Schol of Law and UNM Hospital to better accommodate our community.     

The UNM's Women's Resource Center offers the Chest/Breastfeeding Support Program, which is free of charge for all UNM students, staff, faculty, and their partners/spouses. The program includes lactation rooms on campus, some equipped with hospital-grade pumps. It also provides links to lactation resources and facilitates communication between current, past, and future chest/breastfeeding parents on campus.  

For more information, or to register for the Chest/Breastfeeding Support Program, visit the WRC website or email