Meet the ADA Coordinators

Francie Cordova

Francie is the Chief Compliance Officer for the University of New Mexico. In this role she provides guidance to the UNM enterprise on compliance with federal and state laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act. She is also the previous director of the New Mexico Labor Relations Division and the New Mexico Human Rights Division, the state agencies that enforce civil rights and labor laws in NM.

Francie is a licensed attorney and a certified ADA Coordinator, and facilitates accommodations for UNM faculty and staff. She also provides guidance to the UNM and greater community on accessibility and 504 issues and how to grieve or report discrimination or non-compliance with disability law.

Heather Jaramillo

Heather is the Director of Equal Opportunity at UNM. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing the investigative function of CEEO, as well as ensuring the efficacy of civil rights policies, including UNM’s anti-discrimination procedures, ADA compliance, and affirmative action planning.

Heather is an attorney and a certificated ADA Coordinator, facilitating workplace accommodations for UNM employees, as well as religious accommodations for all students and employees.

What UNM ADA Coordinators Do:

  • Address physical accessibility issues and coordinates implementation of the Transition Plan
  • Advise the campus community on making services, programs, and activities accessible
  • Investigate ADA related issues and reports of disability-based discrimination
  • Provide ADA/Accessibility related trainings