Title IX Scope

Recipients of federal funds cannot discriminate on the basis of gender or sex in educational programs and activities.  

Title IX Areas of Compliance

Disparate Treatment

Complaints of intentional sex discrimination require action to stop the behavior, prevent its recurrence, & remedy its effects

Discrimination Types:

Sex Stereotyping, Sex Characteristics, Pregnancy and Related Conditions, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, LGBTQIA+ access, Inclusion, & Non-discrimination

Sex-Based Harassment

Quid Pro Quo, Hostile Environment, Sexual Assault, Dating & Domestic Violence, Stalking


Prevention, Intake, Initial Assessment/Jurisdictional Determination, Dismissal/Emergency Removal/Supportive Measures, Investigation, Alternative Resolution, Formal Resolution (Hearing/Decision), Appeal, Remedies, Documentation

Program Equity

Single sex programs, Culture(s) of sexism, Pay/Role/Work allocation equity, Promotion & Advancement equity, Athletics, Facilities equity, Scholarship equity, Admissions


As prescribed by law