Meet the Clery Coordinator

Adrienne Helms

Adrienne has served as UNM’s Clery Coordinator since February 2022 and is passionate about using her background to bring UNM’s Clery program to life.

Prior to joining UNM, Adrienne began her career as an urban planner specializing in current and long-term projects as well as historic preservation. She went on to expand her work in public service as a Crime Prevention Specialist, Public Information Officer, and trainer for local police agencies and non-profits. She specializes in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and has completed over a hundred community projects throughout New Mexico, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. At UNM, Adrienne co-chairs the President’s Safe Campus Living Task Force, contributes to awareness and prevention programs on campus, and oversees the University’s compliance with the federal Jeanne Clery Act.

Adrienne attained her Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from the College of Charleston and her Master of Urban & Regional Planning from Virginia Tech (VPI & SU).