Reportable Behaviors

All forms of sex/gender harassment or discrimination are considered reportable conduct under UAP 2740. This includes, but is not limited to, behaviors such as stalking, dating or domestic violence, intentionally misgendering or deadnaming someone, pregnancy discrimination, and sexual harassment.

Information obtained via third-party and rumors, as well as directly from the affected individual all constitute a reporting obligation. Having knowledge of someone else reporting a Title IX incident does not fulfil your individual reporting obligations. When a Responsible Employee becomes aware of sex-based harassment or discrimination, they are required to report the incident to CEEO within 24 hours.

Disclosures made as part of an academic assignment or class discussion (this does not include after-class disclosures) or during an awareness event, such as Take Back the Night, are exceptions to the reporting requirements outlined in UAP 2740.

If you are unsure about whether an incident must be reported under UAP 2740, you are encouraged to contact CEEO and speak with a staff member. They can help determine whether the disclosure is something that must be reported to CEEO, or if the concern can be more appropriately addressed within another UNM department, such as Human Resources, the Dean of Students, or Academic Affairs.

Reporting Tips

Reporting Diagram [PDF]